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frequently asked questions

  • Why would people who are already “successful” hire a coach?
    Some of the reasons people who are already “successful” hire a coach is due to the complexity of building, running or growing a business, creating or evolving their brand(s), and not being able to create a life that they love in today's world (modern day life). Things aren’t as simple as they were in the past. Sometimes, successful people are not really “successful” depending upon how they define success for their business, brand, or life. If your business is not evolving, strategy not working, revenue not increasing, even if you are successful, you would benefit from some coaching. If your brand is not strong and not growing, even if you are successful, you would benefit from some coaching. If you aren’t living a life that you love, even if you are successful, you would benefit from some coaching. Coaching holds you accountable in your business, brand, or life - speeding up your goals and dreams, and leading the way to success.
  • How long must I commit to working with a coach?
    Time commitment varies for each client and is often negotiated on a case by case basis.! On average, most people find coaching beneficial and they typically commit nine months to a year. Many coaches ask for a three to six month commitment but usually let you stop immediately if coaching is not working. This is something that can be discussed during your consultation, and will be included in your contract agreement.
  • How much does business, brand, or life coaching usually cost?
    Coaching costs vary for each client - there are a number of contributing factors when it comes to pricing. A few examples of these factors are: Client’s need Goals/objectives they would like to achieve Where they are currently, and where they would like to be in 3, 6, 9, or 12 months. Much more….
  • Shouldn’t I be able to reach my goals on my own?,
    The beauty is that you don’t have to do it on your own! Most people think that they have to sacrifice something to attain what they want - their health, relationships, time to enjoy life and truly live it, their goals and dreams. What they need to know is that they can have it all without having to sacrifice anything but changing a few things, starting with their mindset. After hiring a coach, clients find that they have more time with their families and friends, more money, more opportunities, and more success in their businesses , with their brand(s), and life. When they work with a professionally trained coach—whether that is a business coach, a brand coach, a personal coach, an executive coach or a life coach. Athletes, entrepreneurs, performers, presidents and ceo’s know that they can’t do it alone. They know they need a trained professional or even a team of experts to help them determine the best direction and to provide objective support and feedback. Without this, it is almost impossible to achieve excellence.
  • Can I hire a coach for a short-term or one-time, special project?
    Yes. Some clients hire a coach to help them achieve a specific objective or project. Many clients choose to continue working with their coach after their initial goals are accomplished because there are even more goals for them to achieve.
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